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How to remove urine odors from carpet



Sometimes our furry loved ones aren’t as nice to our carpet as we would like them to be. We run into this quite a bit in our business and we know how hard to the process of house breaking a pet can be and getting them to not damage the home we all work so hard to have. We wanted to educate you on the best options to help solve some of those problems and how our family owned carpet cleaning company can help.

There are two main methods for the mitigation of odors: masking and removal. The first, masking, is the easiest and, unfortunately, the least effective. It involves the covering of the odor with a more pleasing smell. You’ve done this every time you Febreeze your teenager’s room. But as you know, the smell doesn’t take long to return because the source of the smell hasn’t been removed. This is exactly the reason you can’t quite remove the smell of pet urine – once it has been allowed to sit for even a short amount of time, the urine salts will have penetrated all the way to sub-floor, preventing easy treatment of the odor.

The second and most effective method of odor mitigation is to remove the source of the odor. Unfortunately in the case of urine, the best way to do this is to replace the carpet and pad and treat the sub-floor with a urine removing enzyme that chemically interacts with the urine salts and ammonia compounds to break them down into a less malodorous state.

Short of replacing the carpet and pad, the best way to minimize the smell is through the use of enzymatic cleaners in concert with deep steam-cleaning. This breaks down and removes more of the odor-causing agents than any other method short of replacing the carpet. By using the most powerful truck mounted extraction systems and more effective enzymatic cleaners than can be found in pet stores, Big Green Steam Clean can minimize these smells more effectively than anyone else!