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What You can Expect From Our Logan Carpet Cleaning Company


Thorough Cleaning


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We use many different tools in our carpet cleaning process. This is our orbital steam-cleaning tool. This tool’s rotating cleaning head scrubs the carpet, steams, and extracts dirt all at the same time.

Combined with our specially conditioned water, and safe cleaning solutions, you can rest assured that you will receive the best carpet cleaning. By going over the carpet multiple times, we ensure the cleanest outcome and the fastest dry times. Simply put the more water we extract the longer your carpet stays clean and the quicker it will dry so you can get back to your normal daily life.




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Sometimes edges require extra attention. For this, we bring specially-designed edge tools to get as close to the baseboard as possible.

As your HVAC runs the air return pulls the air into the unit and through your filtration system. This causes the air to pull at your baseboards pulling dust from the air and it settles on the edges of your carpet. We call it filtration soiling because you carpet is acting like a filter. Our special tools make quick work of removing these soiling lines that build up from time to time.  At times, burning candles and the use of flame-less candle units can cause filtration soiling to appear more frequently.



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We know that one tool often isn’t enough, so when it comes to getting your stairs looking great, we bring yet more specialized tools to the job.

Here you can see we are detailing the bull nose of the stairs. This is the most stubborn area to get clean and often it is the most soiled part of the stairs as well. You can see how our specialty tool wraps securely around the bull nose to allow us to rinse and extract the area thoroughly.


Note: Carpet may still be slightly damp after we leave, we urge you to use caution when transitioning from damp carpet to a hard surface as your feet may be slippery.

From start to finish, our cleaning process is tailored specifically to your home and your carpets.

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