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Most commercial carpet is a low loop berber carpet that soil becomes embedded in and can be difficult to remove. Many cleaners skip the most important step in any cleaning of commercial carpet: pre-scrubbing. We use the most advanced scrubbing machine on the market. It has 3 independent scrubbing pads to clean every side of the carpet fiber. The importance of scrubbing is shown here.

Before we have even begun steam-cleaning, the scrubber has lifted much of the dirt from the carpet. Any soil remaining is now efficiently agitated and removes from the carpet in the next step of our commercial carpet cleaning process.


Steam Cleaning


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After we have sufficiently pre-scrubbed the carpet, we steam clean or rinse the carpet taking the remaining broken up soil out. By using extremely hot water and very powerful suction, we can ensure a deeper, more thorough clean. The extremely hot water helps to sanitize the carpet which can improve your office or businesses indoor air quality.

The combination of the most advanced technology, safe cleaning solutions, and expertise will ensure that the investment you have put into your carpet will last longer too.


You will never need to worry about a delay to open your business on time because of damp carpet that is wet for days, when we leave your carpet will be cool to the touch. Depending on the weather your technician may suggest you adjust your air condition or furnace setting to help the drying process along as well.

From start to finish, our cleaning process is tailored specifically to your business and your carpets.

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