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What Are Those Dark Lines Around My Carpet?

Have you ever noticed dark lines near your baseboards, underneath doorways, or maybe you moved a piece of flat furniture and noticed there are dark lines around it. What you’re experiencing is called filtration soiling. In case you haven’t read our post on how important vacuuming is, we urge you to do so. If you’ve […]

Choosing A Carpet Cleaner in Logan UT

Here at Big Green Steam Clean, our goal for 2016 has been to not only give you the best service possible, the best level of clean possible, but also to educate you as much as possible as well. Over the years we have had the pleasure of working for so many great¬†people. We truly appreciate […]

The Woes Of Carpet Fresh And Other Carpet Deodorizers

It has been a while since we have written any carpet cleaning tips and we have had a few situations that have initiated the reason for this blog post. Aside from us just wanting to be helpful and educational. We have already covered grocery store spotters, but we haven’t covered powdered deodorizers. What Is In […]

Tips To Help Stop Your Carpet From Wearing Out

First things first, carpet wear is something that you cannot stop but it is something that you can slow down. We have mentioned before but it bears repeating that carpet wear is caused by soil damaging the carpet fibers. How does this happen? It may be surprising but it happens at the microscopic level and […]

Shoes off in the house or not?

Once again we are going to discuss another very common question we get from our wonderful clients. We recommend taking shoes off when you enter the house for a number of reasons. Let’s explore them now. Take Your Shoes Off For Health I know what you’re thinking, for health – really? Yes really! Let us […]

Is Steam Cleaning Bad ?

This is probably the most common question we get when we are speaking with new clients – is steam cleaning bad? First, the term “steam cleaning” is a bit inaccurate when it comes to carpet cleaning. The proper term is hot water extraction (HWE). Our powerful carpet cleaning machine produces extremely hot cleaning solution and […]

Grocery Store Spotters – Good or Bad ?

This is a very common question that we get asked all of the time. Grocery store spotters are often misleading and many people do not take the time to read the instructions, but we urge you to do so. Here are some red flags to look for: Does the product claim that it can get […]

Should I Vacuum ?

The answer is a absolute – YES, VACUUM! Aside from professional carpet cleaning, vacuuming is one of the best things you can do to prolong the of life your carpet. We have found that many people do not vacuum regularly and when they do, their goal is to only remove the larger soil that is […]

What are enzymes and why are they used for cleaning and urine removal?

¬† The Problem Urine is one of the most difficult to remove odors because the urine breaks down into ammonia(what you are smelling) and urine salts. The best way to remove the smell of urine is to use enzymes to further break down those odor-causing components, which can then be extracted from the carpet. Enzymes […]

How to remove urine odors from carpet

Oops! Sometimes our furry loved ones aren’t as nice to our carpet as we would like them to be. We run into this quite a bit in our business and we know how hard to the process of house breaking a pet can be and getting them to not damage the home we all work […]